All About Advertising

Advertising is an advertising communication which uses an openly advertised, non-identifiable message to advertise or promote a product, service or concept. Sponsors of advertising are usually companies wishing to advertise their goods or services to the general public. Advertising has three key elements, namely, the message, the medium and the audience. The message is the one thing that makes an advertisement distinct from other advertisements. The medium is the means by which the message is delivered to the intended recipients.

Brand building is one of the most important aspects of advertising. It helps create awareness about a business and its offerings. It also helps distinguish a business from its competitors in the market. Advertising helps build customer loyalty and brand equity. In addition, it also builds credibility and reputation. Advertising helps a company to build its reputation by creating in-store promotions, issuing statements to customers, providing discounts or freebies to customers and continuously communicating with customers through various media.

Today, television, radio and outdoor advertisements are an important source for advertisers to reach potential customers. Print media, which includes newspapers, magazines and billboard ads, as well as Internet advertising, is another important source for advertisers. Line advertising, which includes displays and billboards, is the most conventional type of advertising. There are also other types of line advertising that have emerged over the past few decades including mobile car window signs, bus and train door hangers and trade show displays.

The goal of any type of advertising is to make a brand or product image or name known. Advertisers develop specific messages to communicate with target audiences. Most common forms of advertising employ print, media and line methods to achieve this goal. Print advertising is mostly limited to publications such as magazines and newspapers. Media advertising campaigns can include posters, booklets, brochures, newsletters, directories and the Internet. Line advertising includes everything from billboards to radio and TV ads.

The Internet has created a completely different form of advertising called online advertising. Online advertising is a way to advertise on the Internet by publishing videos, images, text or sound on the web. Companies can use either text or audio ads on websites. Video ads are viewed in a player on the web and may be shown in the window, YouTube or other sites where users are likely to be located. Companies can also use flash videos, animated images and interactive ads that play on web pages.

Radio advertisements are a very effective way for companies to communicate their message. Radio advertisements are one of the most familiar ways for people to get information about products and services. Radio advertisements can be CD, cassette, video or audio. Audio advertisements can be prerecorded or live. Audio commercials are a great way for companies to not only advertise but also communicate their brand image and increase awareness of new products, services and events.

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