Customer Retention – Forming Customer Circles

Sales are activities relating to the exchange of products or the production of goods sold at a specified time frame. The sale of a product to a buyer is also termed as a sale. All activities related to sales are known as sales activities.

When there are salespeople, chances of getting sales are high. They have to carry out their duties in a tactful and professional manner, to be able to get the attention of prospective customers. The first step in any kind of sales process is to capture a prospect’s attention. Potential customers usually have a limited attention span. By making an effective approach, they can be induced to contact you.

There are two stages in every sales process. The first is the research stage in which the sales people gather information about their prospects. This information can be anything from personal information, details of the products and services to general knowledge about the company. They need to find out the basic requirements of the potential customers. After this stage, they can start the sales process.

Sales teams need to select the right solutions for every business. This is where the sales process really helps. Salespeople should be skilled and trained so that they can identify the solution selling opportunities and can exploit them to the maximum extent. A strong sales process will help salespeople in building a strong reputation.

It is important for the sales team to motivate the potential customer. By expressing appreciation after a sale, the salespeople will be able to retain the potential customer. The salespeople should be good at asking questions to understand the needs of the prospect. This will help them in creating a database of the prospective customers. They can then send out messages to these potential customers periodically, in order to remind them of the product. These constant messages will act as a magnet and will retain the prospects.

A business growth consultant will help with the development of a marketing strategy based on customer retention. The strategy will identify the marketing activities that can be automated and should form an integral part of the selling process. Apart from this, a marketer should always keep looking for new avenues for selling the products. This will also help them in creating new contacts. The marketer can use the various channels for selling their products and services to increase customer retention.

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