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Interview Questions For Customer Service Success

Customer Service is the delivery of exceptional service to prospective customers before, during, and even after a sale. The perception of successful completion of such dealings depends on how employees “can adjust themselves to that of the customer.” It should be noted that customer service is not limited to sales personnel. It can be applied at any level of any organization. It only takes one “disaster” to bring down the reputation of a company.

A critical factor in customer service is empathy. Empathy is defined as, “the ability to genuinely and honestly understand and care about others.” In other words, employees who possess an understanding of their customers’ viewpoint are able to provide appropriate support operations in accordance with what the customers really need and desire.

Making good customer service in the sales area is actually a combination of three things – proper training, effective communication, and good rapport with customers. Training will help train employees how to properly handle customers in a professional manner. Effective communication facilitates communication between the customer and the salesperson. Lastly, a good rapport fosters positive feedback that is reviewed and valued by the customers. In a nutshell, having good customer service in the sales area is all about the three mentioned aspects mentioned above.

However, customer service does not end in following these guidelines. In today’s social media driven society, it is very important to create a social media presence (such as MySpace and twitter) and interact with existing and potential customers. The use of social media as a marketing tool will also assist organizations in establishing and maintaining long-lasting relationships.

Employee interview questions focusing on social media and empathy will go a long way in hiring the best people. The most popular question being asked is: “What do you think customers would be able to understand about your company/your brand/your values?” Although there is no perfect answer to this question, the right answers can foster customer service skills and customer satisfaction. The best way to approach an interview question is to first think about what customers would want to know about your brand and the business.

Employee interview questions like the ones above are designed to identify not only what kind of employees you have, but how well you foster strong customer service. A good retail store is a well-run retail store. The interviewers are looking for not only your knowledge of product specifications, but also your ability to listen to your customers and understand their problems and concerns. Empathy is what makes a great retail store.

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