Marketing Communication – The Role of Advertising

Advertising is a communication that uses an actively promoted, non-face-to-face message to advertise or sell a specific product, idea or service. Usually, sponsors of advertising are usually firms wishing to market their goods or services to the general public. However, in some industries like the advertising industry, companies use this media as a tool to advertise for themselves. In a way, advertising helps them earn revenue from a captive audience. For instance, a company that sells a particular kind of machine may use advertisements to let potential customers know about it.

In addition to printed publications like magazines and newspapers, one also has the option of using radio and TV stations for advertising. The most common method of sending a message through radio or TV ads is with the inclusion of music tracks. While these media are mostly used by large corporations to reach out to the masses, small businesses have also started using these media for advertising.

Online advertising, on the other hand, uses animations or short video clips to give its users a more captivating online experience. As video ads are much easier to watch than images or words, they catch the attention of viewers more effectively. Moreover, people do not necessarily have the patience to watch long advertisements. To keep the video ad playing, most online advertisements are programmed to pause when the user’s browser window is closed.

Another form of advertising is through the distribution of pamphlets, booklets or informational pieces. These forms of advertising can come in the form of handbills, flyers, or even large posters. In some instances, television and radio commercials are also seen on the air. These forms of advertising are usually designed to give information or a solution to a particular problem. Examples of pamphlets include health and medical publications, employee and labor publications, and educational materials.

Printed advertisements, on the other hand, serve as an information tool to disseminate information about a business. Printed advertisements can be used for marketing, publicizing a company, and disseminating a message. Printed advertisements can include business cards, letterhead, memo pads, desktop accessories, posters, billboards, and billboards. Most of these advertisements come in two forms: brochures and posters. Brochures contain basic information while posters and billboards contain visuals that relay the message of the advertiser or the product being sold.

With these various types of advertising tools at their disposal, marketers are assured of gaining maximum exposure for their products or service. But to ensure that their campaigns reach their target audience, it is important to consider who their target audience is. Knowing who you target to is essential in planning your advertising strategies. It is important to know what kind of advertisements will entice consumers so that you can craft the right kind of ads to reach them. Proper research and demographic study are necessary to determine which kinds of advertisements will suit the demographic best.

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