Types Of Advertising

Advertising has been one of the most powerful medium used for marketing in the business. It is used as a tool to generate consumer awareness about products and services of a business. Advertising is the promotion of a commercial enterprise by way of print, electronic media or other means. Advertising is a communication that uses an actively sponsored, usually non-personalised message to advertise or promote a commercial enterprise, product or service. Sponsors of advertising usually firms wishing to market their goods or services to the general public.

The main reason behind advertising is to raise awareness of the services and products of a firm to the target audience. There are various different types of advertising techniques such as branding, which is the use of a logo, symbol or other identifiable object to create brand recognition; visual advertising, which uses animations or 3D images to create a mood or create excitement; and textual advertising, which uses text to communicate information to the target audience. There are also other less common types of advertising. These include distribution of newsletters, press kits, catalogues, promotional cards, coupons, brochures, point of purchase displays and menu displays.

Another important tool of advertising is the banner or sign advertising. This is another form of indirect communication that uses visual means to advertise a commercial enterprise. One important example of this type of advertising is the multi-line advertising. Multi-line advertising is a form of brand building, where a number of advertisements can be placed on a single line. Other forms of line advertising include spot advertising, television advertising, radio advertising, internet advertising and circular advertising.

There are also different types of digital advertising. Digital advertising generally refers to print, electronic media or online advertising. This type of advertising is usually very cost effective. Most of the time, it targets the potential customers of a particular product. The advantage of using digital advertising is that the advertiser can target his/her potential customers by means of a variety of parameters such as age, sex, income or marital status. In addition, some advertisers make use of data analysis to get more information about their potential customers.

Another form of advertising is direct marketing or advert on advertising. In this case, companies or individuals that wish to run a specific advertising campaign pay an expert or consultant to perform the task for them. This form of advertising includes magazine advertisements, newspaper ads, leaflet advertisements, banners and billboards. Some companies or firms use online advertising such as pay per click, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay per impression (PPI). Online advertising is usually inexpensive and is usually targeted towards a particular market segment such as age group, gender, race and credit history.

Some companies have a specialized department that handles all types of advertising. A number of ad agencies to handle the tasks of selling ad space to all sorts of clients. This type of advertising also includes magazines advertisements, newspaper advertisements, business cards and other types of advertisements. Some companies also create internet advertisements such as pop-up ads, text links and banner ads. All types of advertising rely on one premise, namely, to draw attention to a brand, product or service and to generate sales.

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